Who is Troll Girl?

Now that you’ve seen her face and some of her adventures, you may be wondering, “Who is the Lonely Troll Girl?”

Well, she’s not that lonely but she likes to be alone. Sometimes she likes to walk around and kick rocks and pick her nose by herself. Sometimes she likes to pet her cat. Sometimes she likes to dress up as her favorite characters and shake her butt around.

She believes in magical crystals, and troll kisses, and huggies (the warm embrace not the diapers but maybe sometimes the diapers too).

One day she decided to open an Instagram account and she’s been addicted to being online ever since.

Most days she can be found sleeping behind her favorite rock. Other days she can be found writing her book “The Tao of Troll Girl” which she thinks is a nice philosophy to live by. It includes yawning, giving a thumbs up, and scratching her stomach.

nap girl

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